Week of May 11-16

This last week was my first full week of training on the water following a 10-day period where I was out with an injury. I spent between 9-10 hours on the water drilling technique with another 8 hours spent in intense cardio. I had another 2 hours in physical therapy, working on small stabilizer muscles that I had neglected but which contributed to the nerve entrapment in my hip that has had me down.

I’ve made a ton of progress in the Maas 24, finding a very stable and consistent stroke with much improved oar control, blade depth, propulsion/acceleration. My training teammates were on the dock on Friday de-rigging their shells in preparation for their trip to the U.S. PanAm Trials starting today and commented on the last week’s progress something to the effect of “a few days ago you could hardly row that thing and you now you’re in command”. I’m just shooting for a semblance of competence, and the opportunity to graduate to a racing shell. I believe I’m very close!

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